February 16, 2009

"Unnecessary Quotes"

I recently posted a coaster wreck that I spotted, which is a take off of cake wrecks, who likes to point out (among other things) people who misuse quotation marks. Well apparently there is a whole site solely dedicated to signs and identifiers whose authors just don't seem to understand how to correctly use those tricky punctuation marks.

UnnecessaryQuotes.com asks its dedicated users to document incorrect uses of quotes and send them into the site. Take a look at a few of these fine examples and you'll understand what I mean...

Unintentionally funny

So, where they not the champs? I'm unsure.

Very curious to see what is actually lurking behind that wall

I don't know what to do...
but the cops do be out so I'll be careful

Ok, this one was on purpose, right?!

["thanks," kelly]

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