March 23, 2009

Who Are the Top 30 Contestants of 'America's Next Top Model?'

If there was an all-star version of America's Next Top Model who would win? Well, my friends over at have compiled their list of the Top 30 "Top Models" of the of all time, which might give a pretty good indication of who would take it all if past contestants wen head-to-head. Here's a little preview of their top 3 picks, in no particular order:

They have Anya (Cycle 10), Elyse (Cycle 1) and Katarzyna (Cycle 10) holding the top three spots. I can't say that I disagree with them. You can click here to view their entire list of the top 30 Top Models, or create your own list of picks or check out my list by looking under "user reactions."

What do you think of their list of Top Models? Anyone you're surprised to see not on the list?