May 19, 2009

These Are the Songs of Summer 2009

Memorial Day is just around the corner, meaning the unofficial star to summer is almost here. In their newest edition the folks over at Entertainment Weekly have put together their top 10 picks for the songs we'll all be jamming to this summer. Some of them I've heard already, some are new listens, but they're all pretty good contenders for my iPod's "top 25 most played." Please allow me to share my fave 5 with you.

Katy Perry "Waking Up In Vegas"

Kid Cudi "Day 'N' Nite"

Lady GaGa "Lovegame"

The Gossip "Heavy Cross"

Phoenix "1901"

Other's include:
Black Eyed Peas "I Got A Feeling"
Lil Wayne f. Kevin Rudolf "In Your Face"
3OH!3 "Don't Trust Me"
Kristina DeBarge "Goodbye"
Shinedown "Second Chance"

I'm all about Lady GaGa this summer. Really digging the Kid Cudi song and Phoenix's is pretty cool too. I don't really care for the Kristina DeBarge song or 3Oh!3 but I can see how they're going to be catchy. I'm a little surprised there's not Kelly Clarkson "I Do Not Hook Up" in there, but I do agree with most of their choices.

Are there any songs out there that you think are missing from the list? PLEASE share them with me because I'm all about finding new jams.

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