July 14, 2009

Fans Shifting from Team Jon to Team Kate?

Forget Brangelina, the last few months celebrity gossip has been almost soley about TLC reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin. The rumors started when Jon was allegedly caught cheating on Kate. Then in a tension-filled season premiere the two gave separate interviews admitting to marital problems. Then the current season was put on hiatus after the couple officially announced that they were filing for divorce. While all of this was happening it seemed that a large number of people actually felt the most sympathy for Jon Gosselin over Kate. Comments filled the blogosphere about Kate's emasculating behavior towards Jon with many people saying they didn't blame the father of eight for leaving his wife. Ouch.

Recently, however, it seems that fans may be crossing back over to Team Kate as Jon Gosselin keeps managing to out-tool himself left and right. He was spotted with women in their early 20s, started dressing like those insufferable kids from Laguna Beach (Jon- You live in Central Pennsylvania), appears to have his Blue Tooth permanently attached to his head and has publicly stepped out with his new girlfriend, 22-year-old Hailey Glassman. The pair were spotted in St. Tropez where Jon was being wooed by gaudy fashion designer Christian Audigier *dies of douche-ness*. The whole time Jon has been galavanting around Kate has been holding down the fort at home with the kids.

Glassman is the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate's tummy tuck after the sextuplets were born in 2004. Let me tell you- She is a real gem. At this point in time, don't people know that if you do something to put yourself in the public eye (like date a celebrity or go on a reality show) that all of your past history, photos, embarrassing stories and exes are going to come out of the woodwork? Unfortunately Ms. Glassman seems to be unaware of this effect, as some particularly beautiful photos of her have quicly surfaced and she has yet to privatize her Facebook profile. Not sure why Jon would be interesting in this classy girl (hmm... sex, anyone?) or why Hailey would want to date a slightly-pudgy, mid-life-crisis-at-32 father of eight, but regardless of the reason the two of them together can't be doing anything positive for Jon's reputation.

So... what do you think of this whole fiasco? What do you think will happen to the show? Are you on Team Jon or Team Kate? How have your opinions changed of the two over the last few months? Leave a comment!