August 20, 2009

Project Runway Prepares for Relaunch With Supesized Premiere Night

Tonight's the night of reckoning for Project Runway as the show's sixth season debuts on Lifetime.

Project Runway's Season 6 Cast

With a huge gap between Season 5 on Bravo and the Season 6 premiere fans have been left Runway-less since October of 2008, which means tonight's episode will determine a lot. Will fans of the show make the jump from one network to another? And will the Lifetime audience take a liking to the unusual addition to their generally reality-free lineup? One very smart thing that Lifetime has done to attract loyal viewers is to beef up premiere night with an entire evening of Runway-themed shows.

A 2-hour special Project Runway: All Star Challenge, airing before the Season 6 premiere, pits eight designers from previous seasons against each other for a chance at $100,00. Then following the first episode of the new season Lifetime will air the Project Runway spin-off Models of the Runway, which follows the behind the scenes life of the models who work the garments the contestants make each week.

The Models of the Runway

Models of the Runway is almost a throw back to the first season of Runway where the models were given their own side interviews. Remember- It's a competition for them, too! Maybe it's a imitation version of America's Next Top Model, but since the franchise's new producers Bunim-Murray promised they wouldn't mess with the original format of Project Runway (they produce drama-heavy reality shows like The Real World) this spin-off gives them a chance to do what they do best: Cram people in a house and watch them fight. Should be an interesting look at how models live together and compete in a real-life setting without the over-produced shenanigans that come with ANTM.

I know that I will definitely be sitting down for all 3.5 hours of Runway action tonight, how about you? Will you follow the series over to Lifetime (if you can find it in NYC. Time Warner just swapped put Oxygen into Lifetime's old spot on Channel 12?) Does it matter to you which network the show airs or are you just happy it's back on TV?