September 3, 2009

S'Mac Brings Cheesy Goodness to NYC

There are a ton of little specialty restaurants sprinkled around New York City - each focusing on one staple dish or ingredient. From grilled cheese to PB&J anyone can find a place that perfects their favorite food. Last week I found a good one...

S'MAC serves up some irresistible mac 'n cheese in Manhattan's East Village. If the picture of me enjoying my "monster mash" sized bowl of All-American mac 'n cheese is any indication of how good the food is you'll get down there asap.

Beyond the typical noodles and cheese S'MAC offers a wide variety of cheesy options like meaty cheeseburger mac or Mediterranean style with goat cheese, spinach, olives and garlic. And if you're not satisfied with any of their pre-made concoctions you can feel free to design your own (slab bacon, anyone?!)

Check out this quick clip of owners Sarita and Caeser Ekya explaining how they cooked up S'MAC and to see a little demo of how they make the mac taste so good.

S'MAC's a small restaurant with big flavor (and portions), but if you're a little too shy to eat a giant skillet of mac 'n cheese in public they have a special take out/delivery storefront so you can eat in the privacy of home.

Sarita's Macaroni & Cheese
345 East 12th Street, NY, NY 10003