September 4, 2009

The Sun Sets on Summer 2009

While the last day of summer technically isn't until the end of September, Labor Day is really the unofficial end of the season. So as the cool weather creeps in I thought I take a moment to remember all the fun stuff that went down in summer '09...

I moved to a new apartment and separated from my long-time roommate and BFF Carolyn, but we got to share our friendship with the world on a game show, which was awesome.
I saw some great concerts from Beyonce to Mandy Moore. I got to drive a tiny car around NYC and fly in a bi-plane with my mom in North Carolina. I went fishing with my dad and watched my brother graduate and go off to college.

I've also had some awesome readers write for me all summer long in my Summer Friday series and can't thank them enough for their contributions!

Eric gave us the dos and don't of facebook updating. Caitlin shared the thrilling story of the un-clutch hutch. Matt A. confessed his faux Twitter addiction and Matthew F. helped us be wary of Philly's biggest douche. Clint bravely confessed that he is a cry baby, while Kara shared her rage towards the kids of NYC Prep. Ru gave us some retro jams to dance to, and Rob rode on Lady Gaga's disco stick. Sean dished on his predictions for TV's biggest party while Jake gave party planning tips of his own. We got the lowdown on the latest gadgets from Pierce, watched a throw down from some real housewives of New Jersey and got the 411 on Gwyneth Paltrow from Jenn. Towards the end we got a pick me up from Doug and the Material Girl and an insiders guide to renting from Endre.

I have to say thanks to all the people, blog-related or not, that have made for a wonderful and memorable summer.

Enjoy the long weekend and soak up some end-of-summer rays!