January 19, 2010

It Made My Day!

Feeling bad? Having a rough day? Need a pick me up so badly that even a LOLcat can't suffice? Check out It Made My Day! Think of it as the anti-FML site, It Made My Day serves up little moments of WIN from people's day.

For example...
"During the first day of class one of my professors was handing out the course syllabus. Underneath the grading scale there was a quote. "You shall not pass!" -Gandalf the Grey. IMMD."

"My friend’s mother was recently admitted to the hospital for heart troubles. A few hours later, she called my friend to remind him to maintain her FarmVille!

"My mom and I were shopping and we have a game where she throws the toilet paper into the cart. This time, a random stranger screams "GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!" from out of nowhere.

"I work in an animal clinic, and a man brought in his pet python. It’s name? Lt. Dan. (Because "he ain’t got no legs")

My most recent IMMD would have to be yesterday when I was at the NY Aquarium. We were watching the walrus tank from underneath and this little boy couldn't stop yelling about how the last time he was there the walrus had diarrhea all over the window. His mom was desperately trying to shut him up but the kid couldn't help himself. IMMD!

What made your day?