January 18, 2010

MTV Combines Jackass-ery With Do-Good-ery on 'The Buried Life'

Tonight at 10pm MTV premieres its newest show The Buried Life. A cross between Jackass, Punk'd and that failed Amy Grant show 3 Wishes, the boys of The Buried Life keep karma in check by complementing each stunt they complete with a life-changing action for someone else.

photo from MTV.com

On the show buddies Duncan, Ben, Jonnie and Dave trek across the country in their big purple bus (named Penelope) crossing things off their bucket lists. Everyone has a list of things they want to do before they die, but these friends are actually doing them. They've already completed #53 on their list -- start a TV show.

Some of their things to check off are wild and some are wacky, but the docu-series isn't just about the four friends' wishes. In each episode we'll see the dudes crossing items off their list (like giving a speech at a stranger's wedding) and then re-righting the universe by helping someone else check something off their bucket list (like helping a man connect with his long-lost son.)

I don't think this series could have come at a better time. It sort of combines everything that people want to see on television right now. The guys run around on fun and hilarious adventures (and are much better looking than the Jackass crew) but then also spread good along the way. It's a fun show where people might get embarrassed, but the guys are helping others achieve goals they may have thought were impossible. I'm so happy to see a show that is fun that also has heart (without being a complete cheese-fest like Extreme Home Makeover.)

Check out the trailer for the series that premieres tonight on MTV...

The Buried Life airs Monday nights at 1opm on MTV