October 21, 2010

A Look Back on My 28th Birthday

I've been watching the complete series of Friends on DVD, because that is apparently what late-twenty-somethings do. I keeping hearing the friends comment about how they are all 27 and 28 years old on the show, and it seems like a complete impossibility. I mean, these people were old and they had grown up lives and a group of core friends and jobs and other junk that old people had. Guess what? I'm one of 'em now.

How? How did this happen? Am I really almost 30 already? It seriously feels like two years ago that I was in college thinking about what I was gonna be when I was a grown up. Now I am a grown up and I still don't know what the heck I want to be... but I'm OK with that, because I'm starting to realize that you don't ever finish becoming something. You're always a work in progress.

So, in honor of my increasing age and increasing number of gray hairs I have decided to take a look back at my life on the "8s" -- Just like the Weather Channel, because that is also something an old person would do.

When I was 8

When I was 18

When I was 28

I lived in Cranberry, Twp, PAI lived in Cranberry, Twp, PAI lived in New York City
I ran circles around my teachersI ran the high school yearbookI ran my own Web site
I wanted to be a barber or a firemanI wanted to be a newscasterI wanted to be successful and happy
I loved to eat pizzaI loved to eat pizzaI loved to eat pizza
I watched Power Rangers videosI worked in a video storeI made Web video series
I rode around in my mom's minivanI rode around in my '94 Chevy CavalierI rode around in taxis and subway cars
I always had my stuffed animal BambiI always had hair ties around my wristI always had my iPhone in reach
I played Super NintendoI played PlaystationI played Wii and Xbox
My biggest success was writing in cursiveMy biggest success was getting into collegeMy biggest success was realizing I am fully self-sufficient

I am a Libra at heart, and I truly believe that life is all about balance. I love looking back at the past, but I am even more excited to look towards the future and what's coming down the line.