December 1, 2009

I Read a Book: "Holidays on Ice" by David Sedaris

As I continue my quest to do more than just watch TV and look at the Internet I read another book! Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris was recommended to me by my friend and super reader Sheila and was a perfect little dip into holiday dysfunction.

It was my first venture into the works of David Sedaris, which have always come highly recommended to me, and I really enjoyed it. The book consists of six tales of holidays gone wrong or bizarre; both real-life stories from Sedaris (like his stint as an elf at Macy's during Christmas) and fictional letters from families seemingly just like yours. Demented, salacious and hilarious. I particularly enjoyed his deathly serious critique of elementary school Christmas pageants.

If you're doing any traveling this holiday season I highly suggest you pick up Holidays on Ice before you go. It's a quick and funny read that will pick up your holiday spirits by making you realize that, Hey--maybe your life ain't so bad after all.

Should I read another Sedaris book? What's your pick?