April 27, 2010

'America's Next Top Model' Goes to New Zealand: See Their Best Shots

The six remaining girls in this season of America's Next Top Model are off to New Zealand! In this week's photo shoot judge Nigel Barker serves as the photographer as the girls all pose in the same gown, with a special guest -- a sheep!

We have the models' best shots a day before the show! Click the photos to see a larger version.

I have to say that I'm lovin' these pictures. No real gimmick, just beautiful shots in a beautiful scenery. I'm sure the sheep will add some comedy, but I really like how they turned out.

Based solely on the photos, I think it's clear that Alexandra and Alasia will be in the bottom two, but chances are that the silk Snuggie himself, Andre Leon Talley, will sing Alasia's praises and she'll be spared. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

So, what do you think? Which girl has the fiercest photo? Who do you think will get cut?

Photos courtesy The CW