April 14, 2010

Baby Animals for the Win!

I have to be honest, today I woke up feeling evil. Like, EVIL, evil. Like, punch a baby evil.

In an effort to de-evil my day I listened to some "happy" music on my way into the office, but just to be sure I kicked the foulness I logged on to one of my new favorite sites; ZooBorns.com. It's a blog filled with amazingly cute images of baby animals from zoos around the world. Yay!

Bottle feeding a baby rhino!

Baby giraffe!

A handful of baby foxes

There are cute photos of the baby animals, along with videos of them in live-action! Cuted out! So, the next time you want to kick a baby animal just log on to ZooBorns.com and ogle at them instead.

[thanks, Carolyn]