April 13, 2010

Turn Your Home Into a Video Club with YouTube Disco

Ever been to a bar where they play music videos on the TVs, but have different music playing on in the background? So annoying, right?! Ever thrown a party at your place and wanted to play your favorite music and have something interesting on your TV, too? Tricky.

Unless you're a weirdo (like me) who has DVDs of music videos laying around then throwing your own video party might be a challenge. That is until you utilize one of YouTube's coolest, but basically unknown, features -- YouTube disco.

Think of Disco (YouTube.com/disco) as an iTunes Genius playlist for YouTube. You plug in your favorite artist like, say, Lady Gaga, and Disco whips up a nice little queue of videos by the artist and similar artists, too.

You can pick and choose which songs you want to play, or you can let Disco do the work. It's a great feature that lets you watch your fave artist's videos, and if you have a big computer monitor or a computer-to-TV connection you can really spice up a party with videos to go along with your hottest mix.

You can try it out at YouTube.com/disco.