June 7, 2010

New Snack Obsession: CUPS Cookies

Attention, possessors of sweet tooths (teeth?)! I am moderately obsessed with these small, but mighty treats taking over the Big Apple. They're called CUPS Cookies and let me tell you -- they are delicious.

cups cookies nyc
CUPS Cookies NYC

Don't let the name or the photos fool you, these tiny confections are actually small, soft cookies shaped like cupcakes and topped with yummy flavored icing. Cute, right?

The cookies are not only set apart by their look, but by their unique flavors. Check out the sample dozen that I received:

cups  cookies nyc
One dozen CUPS Cookies

My sample included Lunchbox (peanut butter cookie with jelly topping), Sugar-Oated (oatmeal cookie with cinnamon and sugar) and my favorite, Campfire (basically a s'more in cookie form!) Yes, please!

cups  cookies nyc
Sugar-Oated CUPS Cookie

CUPS Cookies sell for $20 a dozen and are currently available in most of Manhattan. You can see more of the flavors or place an order on CUPS Cookies website, or you can find them on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news in deliciousness.

*Full Disclosure: CUPS Cookies provided me with complimentary treats, but I wouldn't write about them unless I loved them!