July 20, 2010

I Thought My Place Was Small! Man Lives in 89-sq-ft House

Maybe it's because I just moved and am in the throws of decorating (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) and organizing, but I am kind of obsessed with this guy and his tiny house.

Ten years ago, Jay Shafer downsized to an 89-square-foot house and reinvented both his lifestyle and career in the process. Check out the clip from Yahoo! Second Act:

Shafer has been all over the place promoting his story and his business -- Tumbleweed Houses -- and while the tight space may make some people crazy (a.k.a. me) it seems to be working all right for him.

The Tiny Houses were recently featured on HGTV's Design Star, where the three remaining finalists each had to style a Tumbleweed Box Bungalow house.