September 24, 2010

Style Editor Turns 6 Pieces Into 7 Outfits

Inspired by Web sites like Six Items or Less and the notion that maybe we should all be a little nicer to the planet (and our wallets) my buddy and Beauty & Style Editor for Ysolt Usigan gave herself a serious style challenge for Fashion Week.

Her goal? Create a week's worth of outfits -- seven in total -- using only six pieces from her wardrobe. Ysolt started out with a navy cardigan, little black dress, dark skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, a striped button down and a white skirt and used accessories to change up the looks.

Ysolt Usigan
Day 5 of Ysolt's Fashion Week Challenge

Take a look at all seven of her outfits and learn how she mixed and matched the pieces; sometimes very creatively! Also, please note the wonderful images and photography... They were taken by me!

Ysolt asked me to take the challenge with her, but it's pretty easy for boys. I'd wear one pair of jeans and five different shirt. Piece of cake!

Do you think you could make a week's worth of outfits with only six pieces? Leave a comment!