October 20, 2010

Kids React to Viral Videos

Little kids make up some of the best viral videos on the Web (like Kittens Inspired by Kittens) so making a video of little kids watching and reacting to viral videos has to comedy gold, right?

kids react to viral videos

Well, the guys at The Fine Brothers have done just that, creating a new series called Kids React to Viral Videos. They've shown some of the most popular viral clips -- like Double Rainbow and Snickers Halloween Commercial -- to kids ranging from five to 13 and filmed their reactions. They also asked a few follow up questions to the kiddies to get their opinions on the people and subjects in the videos. Obviously, they say the darnedest.

Keep reading to watch the kids' reactions, and see if you can spot the future serial killer.

I love the little five-year-old Morgan and her explanation of stealing light from a rainbow. I also like how they all think the Snickers lady is Chinese.

You can see more deleted footage of the kids -- I recommend watching Morgan's -- at The Fine Brothers YouTube page.

Which reaction was your favorite?