April 18, 2011

Fashion Show, Aisle Six!

A designer's goal is often to bring fashion to the masses, so what better way to reach a big crowd that to parade your designs right through the middle of a crowded supermarket?

Check out some models strutting their stuff through the New World Supermarket in Aukland, New Zealand wearing clothes by design house Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Marc Moore, design director of Stolen Girlfriends Club, had wanted to present the collection -- called 'Untitled' -- in a location that took fashion out of its usual context, saying, "We thought about presenting our new collection in a total random and public place, we wanted it to be like a 'fashion flash-mob. It's always a challenge to keep people on their toes in anticipation but I think that today's show really did surprise".

It was a grocery trip to New World three years ago that triggered the idea and presented Stolen Girlfriends Club the setting for their pop-up fashion show. "We noticed how the supermarket aisles served as a natural catwalk," says Moore. "So, we got thinking about how we could turn this idea into reality. We had wanted to do a collaborative project with Red Bull for a while and this seemed like the perfect fit."

I can imagine there were some pretty lofty price checks going on that day!

[Thanks, Carolyn!]