June 29, 2011

A Blog About Things Turns Seven Today!

It was seven years ago today that I posted the first, incredibly riveting entry on ABlogAboutThings.com, which is hard to believe looking back at the beginnings of the site.

The past year has been great for me and for my interaction with all of you. We now have a strong Facebook following (like us, duh!) and are on Twitter, too. There has also been a great interest in popular areas like the ANTM All-Star Cast, the loud SunChips bag controversy and a continued interesting for people looking to find out what former reality star Ally Hilfiger has been up to. Plus, we've formed great relationships with all of our contributing writers and with mix master DJ RuBot.

Thanks to everyone who reads A Blog About Things, comments on the posts, watches our YouTube videos and shares us on Facebook! Can't say how much love I have for you!