July 5, 2011

'Horrible Bosses': A Murder Fantasy Film with Lots of Laughs

Horrible Bosses plays out the scenario that every Joe Schmoe with a unbearable supervisor wishes they could live: Murder your boss. And although the entire film centers around three lovable guys trying to kill some innocent people it's easy to look past the homicide and find the humor in the coke-filled, sex-crazed murder hijinks that unravels and somehow place yourself in the shoes of the humble office nobody who just wants to catch a break.

The leading funnymen play buddies who finally realize that the solution to their woes is to off their antagonizing bosses. Nick Hendricks (Jason Batemen) wants revenge on his promotion-stealing manager (a ruthless and slimy Kevin Spacey), Kurt Buckman (SNL alum Jason Sudeikis) hopes to finish off his dead boss's corrupt son (a balding Colin Farrell) and Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) who just wants a few moments of peace from his sexually harassing -- and quite hot -- dentist boss (Jennifer Aniston). The boys seek help from a hustling ex-con (played by Jamie Foxx) and find out the best way to get what they want is to kill each other's bosses without getting caught.

The film isn't anything new -- some buddies go on a caper and run into mischief -- but the ensemble cast is what really pulls everything together. The conversation is fast and funny (like Day's native It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia), and the gags are predictable but at least come in small doses which keep the laugh-out-loud chuckles from turning into smirks. It may not be the "eff you, cubicle life!" staple like Office Space, but Horrible Bosses is not horrible at all and is actually pretty good.

Horrible Bosses is in theaters on Friday July 8. Watch the trailer here:

Horrible Bosses is recommended for:
  • People who like a good bromance
  • Those who want to see a naughty Jen Aniston
  • Anyone with a job

Not recommended for:
  • People who don't like Sunny
  • Angelina fans
  • Anyone who is a horrible boss