September 6, 2011

The Varying Headlines About Adele's 'Vogue' Cover

The gorgeous and amazingly talented Adele landed to cover of the October edition of British Vogue.

While Vogue's headline was "Adoring Adele: Hometown Girl Goes Global," other publications -- specifically blogs -- have had a wide variety of headlines about her appearance and the magazine's choice to put the curvy 23-year-old on its cover.

Take a look at some of the headline choices for stories about Adele's Vogue cover and their sources.
Adele Covers British Vogue, Says She'd Be the Face of 'Full-Fat Coke'
--'s The Cut

Adele to Vogue: 'I Puke Quite a Lot'
-- Gawker

Adele Says She's Not Worried About Her Body Image
-- FitPerez

Adele's Head Graces Cover of UK Vogue

Adele Talks Body Image Pride, Pre-Show Sickness In Vogue UK
-- Huffington Post

Adele: I Won't Let Weight Obsession Rule My Life
-- iVillage

I'm not going to obsess over being thinner or having bigger boobs, I don't want that in my life': Adele speaks out about her figure
-- The Daily Mail

Obviously the source greatly dictates the voice and angle of their coverage, but strange how none of the headlines seem to mention anything about her being a singer/artist at all... Only that she may be fat and/or not fat.

I particularly love the headline from calling out the fact that Adele's "plus-sized" figure has been omitted from the cover.

What do you think of the focus on Adele's body, body image and weight? Leave a comment!