November 22, 2011

"I Want It!" Holiday Gift Guides

Every month one of my favorite bloggers and Internet buddies, Roberutsu of Some Kinda Blog, does a beautiful roundup of all of the items he's coveting at the moment called "I Want It!"

This time he's put together four visually appealing spreads of some great gift ideas for your friends, family and maybe even writers of blogs that you may be reading right now (Hint: Gimme that suede shoulder sweater!)

Check out the awesome "I Want It!" gift guides from Some Kinda Blog (click the image for pricing and purchase info):
"When choosing gifts we tend to consider two factors: form & function, and an object’s compatibility to its recipient. It’s a lot like matchmaking, which can be a tough job.

With just a month left until Christmas, I’m sure many of you have already begun browsing for gifts. But in case you ever feel stumped while shopping for that “friend with everything” I’ve prepared some guides to help inspire some ideas, matched with four modern social archetypes. Good luck and happy giving!"

Just in case you're wondering, I'd like everything in the "cool guy" pile. Kthx. Happy holidays!

Which items do you want? Leave a comment!

Roberutsu is a graphic designer, photographer and director from the Canadian Plains. Get more of his favorites on his blog or follow him on Twitter @Roberutsu