November 7, 2011

"I Want It!" -- November 2011

Every month one of my favorite bloggers and Internet buddies, Roberutsu of Some Kinda Blog, does a beautiful roundup of all of the items he's coveting at the moment called "I Want It!"

Check out November 2011's picks from Some Kinda Blog:
"As the last leaves were shed, autumn’s second act revealed nature’s raw beauty. This month’s selection of things to covet revolve around reclaimed woods and earthy textures. Mixing rustic appeal with contemporary forms can add warmth and an understated sophistication to our homes.

Eco-conscious products have come a long way in quality and price points, so we have no excuses not to be thoughtful consumers. All of the items below have elements of reclaimed wood, hand-craft and/or sustainable materials. Now before you go on, I leave you with one final quip: It’s the wood that makes it good."

Wood makes in good indeed. I love the evergreen pillow and the modern but natural lamp. Wouldn't lose look nice in a relaxing bedroom? To find out the pricing info and where to buy this month's "I Want It!" products head over to Some Kinda Blog.

Which items do you want? Leave a comment!

Roberutsu is a graphic designer, photographer and director from the Canadian Plains. Get more of his favorites on his blog or follow him on Twitter @Roberutsu