February 18, 2009

Embarrassing Yearbook Photos: Seventh Grade

Well, glasses... we had a nice run... second grade to sixth grade. You were huge, but good to me, but you have no place in middle school. Behold a de-spectacled Patrick who premiered in seventh grade.

It was around this time that I actually start to resemble my current self. Although puberty is still a few years away (thanks, genes) I at least have slightly come out of my "please pick on me" phase.

You probably can't tell from the photo, but my hair was completely solid. An unmovable force of gel and hairspray. There might have been gale-force winds going on while the photo was taken, but you would never know it. I used to get SO ANNOYED with people would "crunch" my hair, leaving it horribly disfigured (aka not different at all) for the remainder of the school day.

I had like 80 teachers in seventh grade, so I can't really explain them all to you. The highlight of of the year might have been the fact that we were all required to take a quarter of each language that my school offered: Spanish, German, French and Latin. Even now as a 26-year-old adult I still appreciate the fact that I can say count, name my favorite color and say "hello my name is..." in 5 languages (English included.)