April 28, 2009

iVillage.com Gets a New Look

Cool changes over at iVillage.com where the site's homepage got a new fresh look. Launching today, the new homepage is much cleaner and brighter than the old design, which was slightly out-of-date and cluttered with an overwhelming amount of linkage (IMHO). Along with a new homepage the iVillage logo also got a face lift into a new script-like, blood orange-colored design. Me likey.

Here are some screen grabs from the new iVillage.com...

Main iVillage.com homepage with "today's big story"

"6 more not to miss" view

This isn't super exciting news for most people, but this is one of the few redesigns that the major women's site has undergone in its nearly 15 years of existence. So for people who care it's pretty interesting.

Head over to iVillage.com and poke around with the new layout and let me know what you think!

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