July 12, 2010

Five Years in New York City

I moved to New York City on July 11, 2005 and I can't believe it's been five years since me, my mom and my grandma schlepped my stuff from Cranberry Township, PA to The Big Apple.

Me, Gram and Mom outside the Today show on July 12, 2005

My apartment was small and dirty, my neighborhood was busy and cramped and I only knew two other people that lived here. I'm sure my mom and dad loved leaving me in the "city that never sleeps," but I'm sure glad they did.

In five years I've lived in more apartments than I can keep track of (like this one and this one), have had some amazing jobs, seen some amazing views and seen more inside-out umbrellas that you can shake a mangled handle at. I've met the most interesting people and made my life-long friends.

They say it takes ten years of living in the City before you become an official New Yorker, and if the next five years are anything like the first I'll have the title faster than a New York City taxi.