November 21, 2010

Anne Hathaway Nails Katie Holmes Impersonation on 'SNL'

Catching up on last night's Saturday Night Live with host Anne Hathaway and musical guest Florence and the Machine this morning and I'm very impressed! Everyone knows that putting together a 90-minute live comedy show can be hit or miss when it comes to the funny, but this episode had so many laugh-out-loud moments.

One of my new favorite recurring sketches is The Miley Cyrus Show with Vanessa Bayer. You know, it's like, pretty cool. This week Miley interviews Katie Holmes, who is mocked in a spot-on impersonation by Anne Hathaway. Check it out!

I would like SNL's Miley Cyrus to be my friend. Not the actress, not the real Miley. Just the character.

You can watch all of last night's Saturday Night Live over on